Professional Service

Milfoil Removal

As we were all once little kids scared to get in the water because of milfoil we understand how much of an obstacle it can be to your summer fun. Now we are working hard to help you avoid this.


Eurasian Milfoil, Hydrilla, and Brazilian Elodia (the three most common weeds in Lake Washington) are Class B Noxious weeds, which means that containment and removal actually benefit the ecology of the lake. The dense canopy that these three weeds create blocks light from native plant life and creates an environment beneficial to salmon predators. By hiring us you're actually doing a public service and improving the health of the lake.

Hand Pulling

To remove the milfoil our team of divers pulls the plants directly out of the lakebed, making sure to get as much of the plant as possible. As they pull it out the plants float up to the surface where our third team member is using a series of nets and a boat to rake up all of the plant remnants. From there we transport the bins of milfoil to a King County waste processing facility, where it is turned into a valuable resource for local gardeners and public parks.

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