Service Agreement

NW Lakescapers LLC's job coming in is to remove all noxious weeds from the designated area we have agreed on. As part of our goal is to benefit the lake’s ecology, we are legally and morally unable to remove any non-noxious plants. The plants we can remove are listed on the Washington state noxious weed list and include the most common pests on the lake; Milfoil, Elodea, and Hydrilla. All three of these are tall shallow water plants that grow up to the surface and clog up your swim area. We guarantee to remove all biomass of these noxious weeds from the property. We will not however remove plants that are beneficial to the lake but these tend to either live in deep enough water that they don’t affect property owners or are grass like short plants that don’t get in the way.

In terms of the benthic barrier we will return once every two weeks for a four week period to ensure that the tarp remains in place and monitor it's progress. Once the tarp has completed its job we will remove it and all remnants of its set up from the property.