Answers to all your questions

Why choose us?

Our approach is the perfect combination of effectiveness, cost efficiency, and no environmental impact. A reasonable one time cost at the beginning of the summer that clears out your waterfront so you to enjoy your lakefront for the whole summer.

One additional thing to consider:  all alternative methods don’t just remove the noxious weeds, but also harm the health of the lake because they take out native plants which are beneficial to the lake ecology and Sockeye Salmon spawning. For this reason, they all require permitting from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife if done in an area bigger than that required to clear a path for a boat to enter or exit the property.


There are four methods for removing milfoil:

  1. Hand clearing of the plant and root crowns by scuba divers (our method).

  2. Use a hydraulic suction machine. This takes four times as long, costs three times as much as our approach, and has no obvious differences in results. 

  3. Drag a large razor along the lakebed. Since the whole milfoil root crown is not removed, the milfoil grows back faster and thicker than our method. 

How long is the Milfoil removal effective for?

Milfoil seedlings are always being transported throughout the lake via waves and boat traffic. Therefore the milfoil will eventually come back. We estimate it will be 2-3 months before milfoil reaches its maximum height again.

How long will the removal take?

Our jobs typically take 2-3 hours.  Please note that we prefer to start our jobs between the windows of 7-8 am and 11 am-12 pm because visibility in the lake is better in the morning. These times can be flexible - we will do what we can to work with your schedule. We will arrive by boat and tie up to your dock. Since we will be working in the lake, it is not necessary for you to remain at home while we are there.

How much does milfoil removal cost?

Hand pulling:

We will give you an exact bid based off of the square footage of the area you want to clear. But our jobs (clearing the full property) tend to cost between $600-1,000. 

Benthic Tarp Instillation:

10x20 ft tarp = $400

10x30 ft tarp = $450

10x40 ft tarp = $500

10x50 ft tarp = $600


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “Aquatic Plants and Animals.” WDFW, 2011, wdfw.wa.gov/sites/default/files/publications/00713/wdfw00713.pdf.