About Lakescapers

Effective, professional, and environmentally friendly milfoil removal.

With the added time spent at home this year, our service is more helpful than ever. We can turn your waterfront from a weedy swamp into a swimming pool like body, free of any obstacles. If you’re tired of aquatic weeds clogging up your swimming areas then you’re in the right place. Eurasian Milfoil and Brazilian Elodea are both invasive species damaging the water quality in Lake Washington. The best and most cost-effective way to get rid of these plants is to hand pull them up by the roots and carefully remove the remnants from the lake. This is what we provide.


 We are Lakescapers, we use scuba gear and boats to maintain the underwater area of your property. In terms of our work, we are simply turning our old chores of underwater weeding into a public service. Our goal coming in is to clean up your swimming areas in whatever way we see fit.


 We are extremely environmentally friendly. All of our methods are actually beneficial to Lake Washington's ecosystem (Read more in Our Service tab). Removal of these weeds is not only good for the friends and family who want to swim all summer long, but it is extremely helpful to our salmon runs and overall native aquatic life. 


 Lastly, we are a group of friends who grew up swimming and playing in Lake Washington. We are looking to use our years of lake experience to finance our collegiate endeavors. Within our group, we have ten years of scuba diving experience and twenty years of boating expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of the ecology in Lake Washington.


NW Lakescapers LLC

Three college students cleaning up your lakefront